Techsans in the Vietnam War

Techsans in the Vietnam War

Techsans in the Vietnam War is a program dedicated to honoring or memorializing Texas Tech grads who served in the Vietnam War and contains pages dedicated to these brave men and women. Each page features a short biography of the honoree and, if available, a photograph and supporting documentation about the honoree.

Anyone can nominate a veteran for this program; the requirements are that they served in Vietnam from 1960 – 1975 and graduated from Texas Tech University, either before or after their service. To nominate someone for this program please fill out the Biographical Submission Form, and email it, along with supporting images, to If we have documents or photos of an honoree in our collection, we will include them on their page, but the more information that you can provide to us the better. As a matter of fact if you participate in this program, please consider donating your original photos and documents to the archive, we would love to be able to preserve materials from our TTU grads.

Once the nomination, biography, and images are received, a page will be created honoring or memorializing the Tech graduate. Links to all pages are listed below, sorted by graduation date or last name. Please be aware that it may take some time for pages to be created, and that the Vietnam Center and Archive reserves the right to exclude information or images for any reason. Submissions received without any biographical or supporting information will be added to the site as a graduate who served but will not include any information on their page.

Questions concerning this project should be directed to or 806-742-9010.

Techsans in the Vietnam War

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