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Finding Aid for the William Colby Collection
William Colby Collection
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Finding Aid
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The William Colby Collection consists of material collected by Mr. Colby during his tenure in Vietnam as a member of the US embassy and of CORDS (Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support) and after his duty as Director of the CIA. This is a period from approximately 1960 to 1972 that resumes again in the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. The material generally reflects Mr. Colby's responsibilities in Vietnam, American policy and the pacification programs. Therefore, the collection is divided into 7 sections; American Foreign Policy consists of various papers and publications by individuals and companies. The Communists includes FBIS (Foreign Broadcasting Information Service) reports and bound materials concerned with the North Vietnamese and their guerilla allies in South Vietnam. Covert Operations primarily contains articles and papers on the CIA. Insurgency, Counter-Insurgency and the Phoenix program discusses the US suppression of guerilla forces through papers and documents published by government .think tanks.. Pacification, a program with which Mr. Colby was highly involved, consists mainly of government documents and pamphlets as well as drafts of articles written by Mr. Colby. .Vietnamization. is a small section composed of articles, papers and a few government documents. The General files may also prove informative as it includes a wide range of topics from Vietnamese culture to relief programs. In July 1999, the Honorable Sally A. Shelton-Colby donated an additional two boxes of material to the Archive and have been added as Box 6 and 7 to the collection. Biography William Egan Colby served in many different capacities during his service with the US government. In the Second World War Mr. Colby was a member of OSS and after the war remained the CIA.s man in Italy and Sweden. In 1959 he became the CIA Station Chief in Saigon, a post he held until 1962. Colby then became the Chief of the CIA.s Far East Division, but returned to Vietnam in 1968 with the rank of Ambassador. In this position he headed the American pacification program, also known as CORDS. A death in his immediate family forced Mr. Colby.s return to the United States in 1971. In 1973 he was appointed Director of Central Intelligence, where he remained until 1976. Those interested in learning more about Mr. Colby should consult his books, Honorable Men and Lost Victory. An avid and active supporter of Vietnam studies, Mr. Colby donated this collection in the formative years of the Vietnam Archive. In early 1997, Mrs. Shelton-Colby graciously donated additional photographs to the collection. Finding Aid and Collection Processed by Chris Heinemeier
Finding Aid,  Undated, William Colby Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University. Accessed 1 Dec. 2015. <>.
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