The Overseas Vietnamese Experience

31 March - 01 April 2000

Texas Tech University International Cultural Center - Lubbock, Texas

The views and opinions expressed in these papers, presentations, and videos are strictly those of the presenters and authors and do not represent the Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University, or the State of Texas.

Friday, March 31st

9:00 am. Opening: Official Opening of Conference

  • "Opening Remarks." Dr. James Reckner, Vietnam Center Director, Texas Tech University  
  • "Welcome." Dr. Donald Haragan, President, Texas Tech University  
  • "Introduction to "The Vietnamese: Self-Portrait of a People" Photo Exhibit." Jeff Brody, California State University, Fullerton  

10:15 am. Session Panel 1: US-Vietnamese Relations

Moderator: Professor Douglas Pike, Texas Tech University

  • "US-VN Relations and How Vietnamese-Americans Can Contribute to the Mutual Interests of Both Nations." Tran Dieu Chan, UC Santa Cruz  
  • "Transnational Linkages Between the Vietnamese American Community and Vietnam." Caroline Kieu Linh Valverde, UC Berkeley  

11:15 am. Talk

Moderator: Khanh Le, Texas Tech University

  • "The Experience of Teaching Vietnamese Language in Australia." Dr. Phan Van Giuong, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia  

11:45 am. Lunch

  •   Hon. Bui Diem, Former Ambassador to the United States  

1:15 pm. Session Panel 2: Records of the Overseas Vietnamese Experience

Moderator: Dr. Ron Frankum, Vietnam Archive, Texas Tech University

  • "Recorded Information on Overseas Experience: Issues in Organization and Use." Vinh The-Lam, University of Saskatchewan  
  • "Documenting the Overseas Vietnamese Experience: The Southeast Asian Archive of the University of California, Irvine Libraries." Anne Frank, SEA Archive, UC, Irvine  

3:00 pm. Session Panel 3: The Vietnamese-American Community

Moderator: Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung, George Mason University

  • "Building Democratic Values: Community Building and the Politics of Vietnamese Communities in Host Countries." Long S. Le, University of Houston  

Saturday, April 1st

9:00 am. Session Panel 4: The Houston Vietnamese Community

Moderator: Dr. Henry Nguyen, Texas Tech University

  • "Political History of Houston’s Vietnamese Community." Roy Vu, University of Houston  
  • "Building a New Life: Profile of the Vietnamese Community in Houston, TX." Thao Ha, University of Houston  

10:15 am. Session Panel 5: Politics of the Overseas Vietnamese

Moderator: Jeff Brody, CSU, Fullerton

  •   Dr. Christian Collete, UC, Irvine  
  •   Dr. Jeff Brody, CSU, Fullerton  
  •   Pham X. Quang, Writer  

11:15 am. Talk

Moderator: Professor Douglas Pike, Texas Tech University

  • "Vietnam: a Vietnamese-American View." Philip Phu Bui  

11:45 am. Lunch

  • "Vietnam Since the War: A Photographic Essay." Antonia Neubauer  

1:15 pm-2:15 pm. Talk

Moderator: Dr. James Reckner, The Vietnam Center, Texas Tech University

  • "The Vietnamese Experience and Vietnamese Culture in Germany." Britta & Joachim Gaedecke, Gottingen University, Germany  
  • "The Overseas Vietnamese Experience." Dr. Pho Ba Long  

2:30 pm. Session Panel 7: Probelms of Acculturation

Moderator: Ambassador Bui Diem

  • "Vietnamese Traumatic Experiences, Psychological and Emotional Adjustment in the US, and Acculturation Process." Dana Nguyen  
  • "Attitudes of Southeast Asian Immigrant Students Toward Counseling." Dr. Phu Dinh Hoang