Veterans' Organizations and Associations

The Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive is actively working with Vietnam Veterans Organizations and associations to preserve their history and documents, as well as those of their members. One way we accomplish this is by attending their reunions. Our Reunions page lists many of the reunions we have already attended and ones we are already planning to attend. If you are interested in having us attend your reunion to speak about our projects, please contact us.

Donating to The Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive

Over the past three decades, a number of Vietnam Veteran Associations have made us the official repository for their materials. Below is a list of some of these organizations. Following a link will bring you to a list of some of the members of that association who have donated materials to the archive. Clicking on the donor's name will then show you a sampling of the materials they have donated to us. These items have been digitized and added to our Virtual Vietnam Archive.

If you are interested in donating materials to the archive, please see our Information for Donors page for more information.

Website Hosting

Another method we use to preserve the materials of associations is by hosting association websites on our servers. Our Association Website Portal page contains links to these websites. In order to utilize this free service, associations must make the Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive their official repository. Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information.

Researching in our Collections

If you are interested in conducting research in our collections, please start on our Researching in the Collections page.

Association Collections in the Virtual Vietnam Archive