1967: The Search for Peace

27 April - 29 April 2017
Clarion Hotel and Conference Center - Lubbock, TX

The views and opinions expressed in these papers, presentations, and videos are strictly those of the presenters and authors and do not represent The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive, Texas Tech University, or the State of Texas.

Friday, April 28th

6:30 PM : Welcoming Reception


    [Sycamore Room]
    8:00 AM : Welcoming Remarks

    Moderator: Stephen Maxner, Ph.D.

    Ron Milam, Ph.D., Interim Executive Director, Institute for Peace and Conflict, Texas Tech University
    Brent Lindquist, Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Texas Tech University

      [Sycamore Room]
      8:30 AM Session 1: Understanding 1967 and the Search for Peace

      Moderator: Greg Daddis, Ph.D. Chapman University

      • Understanding Vietnam 1967 through Clausewitz’s Trinity
        Dave Lewis Colonel, USAF (Retired), Texas Tech University , Texas Tech University

      • 1967: The Search for Peace
        Ron Milam , Texas Tech University

      • Around the World in War and Peace: Lyndon Johnson’s Global Trip, December 1967
        Kyle Longley , Arizona State University


      [Sycamore Room]
      10:30 AM 2A: Anticipating Nixon’s War

      Moderator: TBD

      • “Diplomatic Struggle and Discreet Engagement”: Kissinger’s initial contact with the Democratic Republic of Vietnam recalled by a North Vietnamese diplomat, September – December 1967
        Chau Huy Ngoc , Independent Researcher

      • From Gap to Chasm: 1967 and the Erosion of Public Trust towards War, Government, and News
        Clayton Kozan , Texas Tech University

      • “Asia After Viet Nam:” the Writing and Purpose of Richard Nixon’s 1967 Foreign Article on the Vietnam War and the Future of Asia
        Brian Robertson , Texas A&M University Central Texas


      [Cypress Room]
      10:30 AM 2B: The Soldier Experience in the United States and Vietnam, Part I

      • The North Vietnamese Planning for the TET Offensive of 1968
        Andrew Finlayson Colonel, USMC (Retired)

      • The North Vietnamese Soldier Experience
        Jim Zumwalt Lieutenant Colonel, USMC (Retired)

      • OPERATION CEDAR FALLS in the New Voices of the Viet Cong
        Hai Nguyen , Texas Tech University


      [Mahogany Room]
      12:00 PM : Lunch Presentation - The Shared Experience of Combat — 1967 from the Mekong to Missouri

      Moderator: Steve Maxner


        [Sycamore Room]
        1:30 PM 3A: The Vietnam War from a Global Perspective

        Moderator: Laura Calkins

        • Out of Options: Lyndon Johnson and the Six-Day War
          Justin Hart , Texas Tech University

        • Dead End Diplomacy: Sincerity and Julius Nyerere in Negotiating the Vietnam War
          Paul Bjerk , Texas Tech University

        • A Look from the Other Camp: Polish People's Republic Attempts to Bring Peace to Vietnam
          Jarema Slowiak , Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland

        [Cypress Room]
        1:30 PM 3B: The Soldier Experience in the United States and Vietnam, Part II

        • South Viet Nam 1967: Stabilization and Stalemate
          Frank Scotton

        • “They Were Definitely Looking For Us…”: Operation Francis Marion and the False Hope of 1967
          James Sandy , Texas Tech University

        • A Challenging Effort among Allies: Understanding the American GIs’ Perspectives toward the Soldiers of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN)
          Carie Nguyen , Texas Tech University


        [Sycamore Room]
        3:30 PM 4A: Screening the Vietnam War

        Moderator: Justin Hart, Ph.D., Texas Tech University

        • Sir, No Sir! Antiwar Veterans in Killeen, Texas, during the Vietnam War
          David Zeiger , Documentary Filmmaker

        • A Bond Unbroken: The “Why” of Minh
          Mary Ann Koenig , Documentary Filmmaker

        [Cypress Room]
        3:30 PM 4B: Debating the War in the United States

        Moderator: Stephen Sherman, Vietnam Veteran, Independent Researcher

        • Reassessing the Factual Arguments about the Vietnam War as made in 1967
          Robert F. Turner , Center for National Security Law, University of Virginia School of Law

        • Additional commentary and discussion
          Andrew Finlayson, Independent Researcher Marc Jason Gilbert, Ph.D., Hawaii Pacific University


        [Mahogany Room]
        7:40 PM : Words of War: The Strategic Discourse of America’s Vietnam Experience

        Moderator: Steve Maxner

        Keynote Speaker:

        Words of War: The Strategic Discourse of America’s Vietnam Experience
        Gregory Daddis, Ph.D., Chapman University

          Saturday, April 29th


          [Sycamore Room]
          8:00 AM 5A: Conscientious Objection

          • Giving Peace a Chance: Conscientious Objection during the Vietnam Era
            Philip Szmedra , Georgia Southwestern State Universit

          • The Evolution of Conscientious Objection at Fort Hood, Texas
            David Zeiger , Documentary Filmmaker

          • Not the Law Then, Nor Is It Now: Popularizing Conscientious Objector Status
            Abel Rios , Texas Tech University


          [Cypress Room]
          8:00 AM 5B: Disrupting the War

          • Hanoi’s Unified Struggle and the Role of US Universities, Media, and Politicians
            Roger Canfield , Independent Scholar

          • The Peace Movements in South Vietnam in Mid-1960s
            Michael Do , Independent Researcher

          • The Assassination (?) of General Nguyen Chi Thanh and the Effort to Stop the Tet Offensive
            Kyle Horst , Independent Researcher


          [Sycamore Room]
          10:00 AM 6A: The Domestic Culture of the Vietnam War

          Moderator: Heather Stur, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi

          • The Vietnam War and Humor
            Randy McBee , Texas Tech University

          • American Counterculture during 1967
            Amber Batura , Texas Tech University

          • The Challenge of Liberal Antiwar Activism: The Americans for Democratic Action and Negotiation Now! in 1967
            Scott Kamen , University of Toledo


          [Cypress Room]
          10:00 AM 6B: Religion and Antiwar Activism

          • Beyond “Beyond Vietnam”
            Steven Schroeder , Independent Scholar

          • Mennonite Advocacy for Peaceful Resolution of Conflict
            Luke Martin

          • Diplomatic of Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI on peaceful coexistence in the context of the war in Vietnam from 1964 to 1967
            Le Thi Hoa , University Paris Diderot, Paris, France


          [Mahogany Room]
          11:30 AM : Lunch Presentation

          Heather Stur, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi

            [Sycamore Room]
            1:00 PM 7A: Rural Issues in South Vietnam

            • Agrowar in the Year of the Goat: Rice, Irregular Warfare, and the Search for Peace in South Vietnam, 1967
              Martin G. Clemis , Valley Forge Military Academy and College

            • Lam Dong: Province Situation in 1967
              Neil H. Olsen , Independent Scholar

            • TVA on the Mekong - Hanoi's Missed Opportunity for Peace
              Stephen Sherman , Independent Researcher


            [Cypress Room]
            1:00 PM 7B: Fulbright, Education, and Human Rights

            • “Bernard Fall, J. William Fulbright, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearings, 1966-1967”
              Nathaniel Moir , State University of New York at Albany (SUNY)

            • “Looking Into Hell”: Transitional Justice and the Early Human Rights Movement in 1967
              Cody J. Foster , University of Kentucky

            • The Year 1967: A Critical Time of Advancing the Higher Education of the South Vietnamese Government
              Truong, Thuy Dung , Hamburg University, Hamburg, Germany


            [Sycamore Room]
            3:00 PM 8A: Technology and Development in the Vietnam War

            • CORDS, Nation-Building, and the Search for Peace from 1967 Onwards
              Andrew J. Gawthorpe , Leiden University, The Netherlands

            • All Aboard the Peace Game: Vietnam and the Only ARPA-funded Bargaining and Conflict Resolution Simulation during the Vietnam War, 1966-1967
              Marc Jason Gilbert , Hawaii Pacific University

            • GIS Operational Analysis of the Vietnam War, 1967
              Mervyn Roberts , Central Texas College


            [Cypress Room]
            3:00 PM 8B: People’s Diplomacy

            • Let’s Go Shopping for Tet: Hue on the Eve of Destruction
              Diu Huong Nguyen , University of Washington, Seattle

            • “Georgia versus the Antiwar Movement: The American South and the Rejection of Peace in 1967”
              Glenn Robins , Georgia Southwestern State University

            • Establishing People’s Diplomatic Ties
              Jessica M. Frazier , University of Rhode Island


            [Sycamore Room]
            4:30 PM : Closing Remarks

            Moderator: Stephen Maxner, Ph.D., Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University